The Race for Applicants:
Navigating Competition in Higher Education.

Your recruitment challenge.

Increased competition for student enrollment. Rising tuition costs. Concerns over student debt. More opportunities post-high school. Higher education institutions need to be strategic and focused when recruiting and retaining students.

"Undergraduate enrollment in degree-granting postsecondary institutions saw its largest drop from 2019 to 2020."
Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Modern Climate's solution.

It starts with clarity. At Modern Climate, we identify the enduring truths and distinctive character of your institution, define what makes it unique, and express your promise in a clear and compelling way.

Campaigns designed to be responsive and dynamic.

To keep your institution and its relevant message in front of prospective students, you need a tailored paid media plan to meet your audience where they are in the enrollment decision process.

A one-funnel-fits-all approach won’t work for today’s empowered prospective students. Modern Climate supports its higher ed clients with data-backed, nurturing campaigns that adapt based on user interactions with thoughtful CTAs.

Higher Education Funnel

A balance of brand and demand.

The higher ed conversion journey is long, so you need a solution that captivates your prospective students. That’s where the right balance of brand and demand efforts support continuous growth.

Your results.

Increased interest and application among prospective students, enthusiastic support and engagement among faculty and staff, and renewed investment in the life of the institution among alumni and community members.

Let's partner.

At Modern Climate, we have seen solid results in driving quality applicants to higher education institutions, increased conversions, strong ROI on media and acquisition spends, and more.

With our experience and support, dozens of higher education institutions have seen a drive in enrollment. With dedicated teams in strategy, creative and demand/media, and a strong understanding of the nuances in higher education marketing, Modern Climate wants to be your partner.

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