Growing Security


In a commodity-laden category focused on functional product attributes, Mosaic, the world leader in phosphate and potash fertilzer, needed to find a way to elevate above the competitive clutter and stay out front.


Share the stories of the farmers that rely on the assurance of MicroEssentials every season to deliver greater returns and secure their family’s legacy for generations to come.

Someone to count on for all the people counting on you.

The “Growing Security” campaign told the intimate stories of growers and their families. A behind-the-scenes, personal look at the things that matter most to them and how the trusted performance of MicroEssentials helps provide added security to their family legacy in an industry that’s filled with uncertainty and risk.

With over 12 years of proven performance, growers know they can always count on MicroEssentials not just for the security of their livelihood but for their lives on and off the farm.

The science behind the security.

Grower stories were reinforced by decades of research, trials and results to offer growers the assurance that MicroEssentials is proven to deliver results, year after year.

One part home page, one part old friend.

Stories of growers and their families are woven throughout the MicroEssentials’ website, reinforcing the power of MicroEssentials’ unique formulation, and sharing knowledge and insights to support the growers’ decision-making.


Year after year MicroEssentials is a sell-out — with growers purchasing and applying nearly all available supplies. The brand outpaces all others in awareness, familiarity, use and satisfaction. Proof that MicroEssentials is Growing Security.