Long Live Soil


Globally the demand to feed a growing population has rapidly depleted soil nutrients and its ability to produce healthy yields. Mosaic needed to raise awareness of this growing issue and make sustaining soil health a top concern for growers everywhere.


Let growers know that improving soil health not only helps sustain their operations for future generations but has instant impact on their bottom line by improving crop yield and return on investment today.

For All, for our Soil and our Future


“Long Live Soil” became a rally cry to encourage growers to join the cause. A soil health e-book, webinar and deep, expert-developed content presented growers with the facts about soil health and pragmatic ways they improve the health of their soil.

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At the current rate of soil degradation, the world could run out of topsoil in about 60 years.

Healthy Fields. Healthy Yields.

An acquisition campaign included a host of digital display, social, native, and streaming assets targeted toward innovative, high-production growers in key geographies across the U.S. and Canada.


Mosaic began a critical dialog with their loyal growers and began building a database of concerned growers interested in Mosaic soil health knowledge, insights and product portfolio.