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Saint Mary’s University

Transforming a legacy brand for modern enrollment.


  • Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Architecture
  • Visual Identity
  • Campaign Development


  • Experience Strategy
  • Site Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • CMS Integration
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Accessibility
  • Privacy

Saint Mary’s was facing declining enrollment and the headwinds of public sentiment regarding the cost and value of higher education. To compete, the university needed to refresh its brand and create a compelling value proposition to entice undergraduates to take a look at all that Saint Mary’s had offered.

Brand Strategy

Saint Mary’s values create
real value

Our approach was guided by research that revealed that the Lasallian Catholic Values that Saint Mary’s was founded upon—rooted in social justice, equity, and inclusion—were spot on with what students were looking for, and what employees valued in the candidates they hired.

Our brand strategy focused on leveraging these values and focusing on the impact every student makes on their world.

Visual Direction

Navigating life with
character and purpose

From a well-defined position, Modern Climate set out to refresh the Saint Mary’s identity. A new logo incorporated the illuminating “Star of Mary” surrounded by the shield of truth and knowledge to reflect the university’s guiding principles and highest ideals. The new identity also included a new University seal and updated color, type, and imagery.

Campaign & Creative Strategy

All Because of You

Our campaign focused on empowering messages and proof of how a Saint Mary’s education supports and prepares every student to find their place and make their singular impact on the world.

Website Design & Development

Navigating a future
of faith and intellect

A redesigned website experience invited students to embrace the rich heritage and vibrant community of a Lasallian Catholic education. It served as a portal to academic achievement and personal growth, guiding prospective students through diverse programs and inspiring futures filled with service and leadership.

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