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Bringing tradition forward.


  • Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Key Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Campaign Development
  • Product Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Sales Support

Utepils makes European-styled, authentically crafted beer that’s extraordinarily delicious and exceedingly drinkable. Despite its superior quality and taste, the brewer was fighting against consumer preference for trendy, hoppy, fruity, and exotic boutique beers.

Brand Strategy

What's old is new

Rather than fall in line and appeal to the trendy craft beer crowd, Utepils stayed true to tradition. In fact, they doubled-down on tradition and the indescribable “Utepils” experience of sharing good times and good beer with good friends.

utepils beer gif
utepils beer gif

Brand Campaign

Indescribably good

The feeling of sipping the first beer outdoors under the warm sun, after a long, cold winter is captured perfectly in the singular Norwegian word, “Utepils.” Our strategy was to bottle that feeling and help more people experience the Indescribably Good feeling that comes from Indescribably Good Utepils beer. Our campaign work included print, digital, and social executions for the Utepils brand, flagship beers, and the Viper membership program.

utepils t shirt gif
utepils t shirt gif


The Heavenly Hefeweizen

Ewald the Golden was inspired by the story of two Ewalds; Ewald the Black and Ewald the White. On a holy mission in 962, Ewald the White left Ireland for Germany where he was ultimately martyred. His sainthood inspired the Heavenly Hefeweizen, based on the brew-know-how of ancient Bavarians. The goal of this campaign was to enhance Ewald the Golden’s recognition as the best Hefeweizen in the state, highlighting its awards, and its history.

We created sales enablement and support strategies to arm the Utepils sales team and ultimately create awareness, interest, and craving among beer drinkers. The campaign included retail and taproom signage, social media ads, radio scripts, pole topper, swag, and sales kit.

Creative Campaigns

To have and to hold

Utepils sought to be not only the hottest spot for celebrating Oktoberfest in the Twin Cities, but also the most authentic. They hosted two Oktoberfest events over the same time as the celebrations in Munich, Germany. Their German-style “festbier,” called Receptional, was appropriately named after the charming story of the very first Oktoberfest celebration, which was a continuation of the wedding celebration of Prince Ludwig in 1810. Thus, the campaign “To Have and to Hold” was born.

This campaign was about getting guests into Utepils taproom for the Oktoberfest events, getting consumers to purchase Utepils Oktoberfest beer in the liquor stores, and getting distributors to offer Utepils beer at their establishments—all while giving a nod to the history and traditions of Oktoberfest’s roots. The campaign included retail and taproom signage, social media ads, radio scripts, swag, and giveaways for the Oktoberfest event.


Good living in a can

Modern Climate helped name and create a collection of a featured beer can and seasonal packaging designs, each with an Utepils’ wink and personality of their own.

utepils beer
utepils beer

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Reinvigorating a beloved brand for new audiences.