Indescribably Good


Utepils makes European-styled, authentically crafted beer that’s extraordinarily delicious and exceedingly drinkable. Despite its superior quality and taste, the brewer was fighting against consumer preference for trendy, hoppy, fruity and exotic boutique beers.


Rather than fall in line and appeal to the trendy craft beer crowd, Utepils stayed true to tradition. In fact they doubled down on tradition and the indescribable experience of sharing good times and good beer with good friends.

Utepils (pronounced “Ooh-ta-Pilz”) is a Norwegian word that describes the feeling of sipping the first beer outdoors, under the warm sun, after a long winter.

Good living in a can

Modern Climate created a series of cans, packaging, and in-store designs to support “indescribably good” Utepils at retail locations.

Which way to the good stuff?

Wayfinding signage at the taproom welcomes guests to the “Fernweh,” a place that first-time visitors and regulars say feels like home.

In All Places

Celebrating International Woman’s Day, “In All Places” was a special release dark ale designed and brewed through a collaboration of 20 women in the brewing industry.


Stop by Utepils any day after 3 pm or on Weekends to see for yourself. The place is “hop-ing.” Taproom sales are up and Utepils has expanded its retail presence to over 300 locations.

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