Catch On.

The Challenge

For years the fishing category was flat. Fishing had fallen out of favor with younger generations who viewed the sport as old, boring and hard to do. Zebco was struggling to remain relevant to a new generation and sales were slipping.

The Solution

Hook a new generation of angelers by tapping into fishing’s social roots – connecting fishing to the things they already love about being together in the outdoors.

Casting fishing into a fresh future.

A refreshed the Zebco identity honored the past while moving the brand into a fresh new expression for new generations.

A destination for adventure

Zebco’s web experience encouraged consumers to catch the fun of good times with great friends and family in the outdoors and on the water.

Zebco brought itself beyond “the reel that taught America to fish” to a brand driven to help people connect and find greater discovery on the water.

A new twist on a familiar song

The campaign was built around a remake of a classic 60s sitcom theme song. A happy tune about the joy of a day at “The Fishing Hole.”

Social on and off the water.

Social media invited outdoor adventurers to share their stories. Then we asked viewers to help “choose their adventure” where we had several weekends when audiences could pick places in real time where our participants would fish.

The Results

“Catch On” lured a new generation of casual fishers. Zebco sales increased as a new generation discovered the excitement and adventure of time together in the great outdoors with a fishing pole in hand.