Persuading market states of what a therapy is and can be

Medtronic had an issue: Its EvolutTM TAVR system — a heart valve replacement device used in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedures to treat severe aortic stenosis — was in the second market position in one of its largest markets, despite the medical device company’s belief that it had a superior solution.

Modern Climate knew that to accelerate growth, we would need to convince different market states that the Evolut TAVR system is uniquely suited to advance what TAVR therapy is and what it can be. First, by overcoming potential misconceptions of the Evolut TAVR system’s procedural data effectiveness, and then by elevating appreciation for how the system can uniquely advance the overall category.

The answer: Above and Beyond. We developed this campaign and positioning to educate physicians that beyond just keeping patients alive, Evolut TAVR system could improve the quality of life for patients, returning them to the life they loved before aortic stenosis. Our belief: this could, in turn, advance the TAVR category as a whole, leading to better patient outcomes.

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