As the success of their overall business and franchises grew, the Anytime Fitness team knew they needed an updated and responsive web property to keep up with their record-breaking pace. A secondary driver of the new website build was to divide their website’s content management system into two parts: one for franchisees and one for corporate headquarters.” With an antiquated system controlled by their IT department, it was difficult for the Anytime Fitness marketing department to update content, drive more leads, and to make general changes to the website.


With detailed wire-frames already built out, the Modern Climate team was able to iterate off Anytime Fitness’ vision. Alongside a more modern look, content management strategy and lead generation for both corporate and franchise were a laser-focus from the onset of the project. With this in mind, Modern Climate recommended a responsive and custom-built content management system via WordPress. With approximately eight million visitors a week,  and a continued focus on lead-generating practices to increase site volume and overall gym sign-ups, a robust hosting environment was selected to withstand Anytime Fitness’ large amounts of traffic. Armed with analytics, the Modern Climate digital marketing team was able to formulate strategic user paths to bring up conversion rates and ensure lead-generating best-practices.


Anytime Fitness’ new web property and subsequent franchise sites now feature an intuitive and and fully responsive user-experience for site visitors. Previously defined high-traffic pages are now complete with lead-converting forms and strategically placed calls to action. Following launch, the Anytime Fitness site has seen a 31% increase in goal completions. Comparing that to the same time period in the previous year, it was a 49% increase in goal completions, or 242,728 more goal completions, along with a 7% increase in overall site traffic.